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A New Era For The Company

A New Era For The Company

After a long 12 months, awaiting for the site plans to be approved, our new factories have come together and finally looking like our new home.

For the past couple of months we have been busy. We have had to move around 200 cars from our vacant lot over to a smaller area on the property. Due to the limited space we had to double stack cars, some cars were too valuable to have a car placed on top so they had to be kept aside. All our transmission's, diff's, door shells, tailgates, cross members & a large amount of pallets also had to be moved over to make room. (A huge thank you to our staff having to do this process during summer, they pulled together and got the job done)

We then began to witness all the ground work that has to go into the development. From the large amounts of dirt having to come off the highs in the land, and fill having to go into the lows of the property. Water and sewerage pipes were put into place.

And the brick wall that has been in place since the beginning of Peninsula BM (That's 27 years) had to become a large pile of smashed bricks to make room for plumbing works.

Nearly 3 months pass by as more and more dirt is moved and concrete footings are poured into place. Then the day we were most excited about rolled around. First site of concrete tilt panels began coming through the front gates.

Within 2 weeks the builders had all the factory concrete walls up for stage 1 including the roof trusses. Now we can stand back and see the hard work beginning to take shape.

We would like to thank our customers for being patient with us during this stage. A lot of our stock has been moved all over the place as you can see. And some of the vehicles are hard to get to without having to move a few cars first.

Make sure to follow the process on our Facebook or right here on our website.

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