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Product Warranty

All new parts sold come with a 12-Month manufacturer’s warranty from the date of the original invoice, based on the following conditions & with the exception of electrical parts. Parts may have to be sent back for testing upon the manufacturers request before a warranty is issued. Peninsula BM's mechanical workshop warrants our labour against faulty workmanship for 12-Months from the original invoice date.

All second hand parts & panels come with a full 90-Day Warranty from the date of the original invoice, based on the following conditions & with the exception of brake, electrical and hydraulic parts, and where special notes are printed on the front of the invoice.

Peninsula BM will warrant/replace/refund where the following instances apply & the conditions are met.
a) The parts that were supplied were damaged. (Damage of parts in transit is not warranted.)
b) The new parts have failed within 12 months from the date of invoice.
c) The second hand parts have failed within 90 days from the date of invoice
d) The parts that were supplied by Peninsula BM were incorrect or not as described, only if the correct details were given (ie chassis/vin, model, build date, body type).

Peninsula BM reserves the right to inspect any parts claimed to be faulty before issuing a warranty. In all cases, a copy of the original invoice must be accompanied with the warranty part or the invoice number must be quoted. If a replacement part cannot be supplied a money back refund will apply. No cash refunds will be given. The customer must receive authorisation from Peninsula BM before returning any item.

Peninsula BM will not accept a warranty if the following conditions have been breached. Returns will only be accepted if they are returned in the same condition as supplied. (fair wear and tear accepted). The warranty will be null and void in these instances-
a) The parts being returned for warranty have been dismantled in any way or tampered with.
b) If it is found that the parts were poorly, incorrectly fitted or damaged in the fitting process.
c) The parts have malfunctioned due to any negligence.
d) The panels have been part repaired or painted.
e) Peninsula BM will not offer any warranty on used parts that are over 20 years old.

Peninsula BM will not be held responsible for: a) Any labour cost of part replacement, b) Any costs of unauthorised repair work, c) Any towing or freight costs, d) Fitment of incorrect parts, e) Any consequent damage, f) Incorrect fitment of parts.

For all engine, gearbox/transmission & differential Terms & Conditions, please refer to our separate "Warranty Instructions Card" that will be supplied to you when you purchase one of these items.

Second Hand Brake & Hydraulic Parts
Peninsula BM views brake and hydraulic components as items of safety. Because we cannot foresee the performance, reliability or longevity of these parts, we will only sell these parts upon the customer's specific request. All parts are sold with No Warranty and to suit rebuilding and/or reconditioning only. Peninsula BM accepts no warranties under any circumstance, as the customer has been made fully aware of the circumstances & conditions before he/she has committed to purchasing the part.

Electrical Components including ECU's (electrical control units)
Failure of electrical parts can often occur due to a failure from another source. Further damage can occur to other parts if it the fault is wrongly diagnosed. For this reason, all electrical parts sold from Peninsula BM are exempt from any warranty period.