BMW Vibration Damper E90 E60 X3 X5 X6 M57N 6 Cyl Diesel 11237793593

by Vaico
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Vibration damper (Includes 4 torx bolts)

These can be very tricky to diagnose, because they don't look damaged. The outer pulley spins separately to the inner housing, and it causes the engine warning light to come on and possible engine overheating issues.

Make sure you replace the bolts because they break.


Description Part Number Quantity
Torx bolt M10X86 11232247932 4


Part Number(s)

11238511371 11237793593  11237788611




Part Use

 Series Model Body Year(s)
3' E90 330d Sedan All
3' E92 330d M57N2 Coupe All
3' E93 330d M57N2
5' E60  530d M57N Sedan All
5' E60 530d M57N2 Sedan All
5' E60 LCI 530d Sedan All
X3 E83 X3 3.0d M57N SAV All
X3 E83 X3 3.0d M57N2 SAV All
X3 E83 LCI X3 3.0d SAV All
X3 E83 LCI X3 3.0sd SAV All
X5 E53 X5 3.0d M57N SAV All
X5 E70 X5 3.0d SAV All
X5 E70 X5 3.0sd SAV All
X6 E71 X6 30dX M57N2 SAC All
X6 E71 X6 35dX SAC All

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