BMW Gasket Cylinder Head Cover Left E39 E38 X5 E53 M62 11129071590

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Rocker cover gaskets can become hard and brittle causing the engine oil to leak.

It's always best to replace both LH and RH side gaskets at the same time and you should also check the rocker cover is NOT twisted/bent as this may also cause an oil leak.

Position: Left hand rocker cover, cylinder 5-8. 

Part Number(s)

 11120034105 11129071590



Part Use

 Series Model Body Year(s)
5' E39 535i Sedan from 09/98
5' E39 540i Sedan from 09/98
7' E38 735i Sedan from 09/98
7' E38 735iL Sedan from 09/98
7' E38 740i M62 Sedan from 09/98
7' E38 740iL M62 Sedan from 09/98
X5 E53 X5 4.4i M62 SAV All
X5 E53 X5 4.6is SAV All

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