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BMW Wheel Badge Chrome Edge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 X Z Genuine 36136783536

by BMW
Original price $28.50 - Original price $28.50
Original price
$28.50 - $28.50
Current price $28.50

Product Details

Wheel badge with chrome edge, clip-in.

Part Number(s)



Genuine BMW

Part Use

Series Model Body Year(s)
1' E87 All 5 doors All
1' E88 All
Convertible All 
1' E82 All
Coupe All 
1' F20 All 5 doors All 
1' F21 All 3 doors All
2' F22 All Coupe All
2' F87 All Coupe All
2' F23 All Convertible All
3' E36 All All All
3' E46 All All All
3' E90 All Sedan All
3' E91 All Touring  All
3' E92 All Coupe All 
3' E93 All Convertible All 
3' F30 All Sedan All 
3' F80 All Sedan All
3' F31 All Touring  All
3' F34 GT All Gran Turismo All 
4' F32 All Coupe All 
4' F82 All Coupe All 
4' F33 All Convertible All 
4' F83 All Convertible All 
4' F36 GC All Gran Coupe All 
5' E34 All All All
5' E39 All All All
5' E60 All Sedan All
5' E61 All Touring  All
5' F07 GT All Gran Turismo All
5' F10 All Sedan All
5' F11 All Touring  All
6' E63 All Coupe All
6' E64 All Convertible All 
6' F06 GC All Gran Coupe All 
6' F12 All Convertible All
6' F13 All Coupe All 
7' E32 All Sedan All 
7' E38 All Sedan All 
7' E65 All Sedan All 
7' E66 All Sedan All 
7' F01 All Sedan All 
7' F02 All Sedan All 
7' F04 All Sedan All
8' E31 All Coupe All
X1 E84 All SAV All
X3 E83 All SAV All
X3 F25 All SAV All
X4 F26 All SAV All
X5 E53 All SAV All
X5 E70 All SAV All
X5 F15 All SAV All
X5 F85 All SAV All
X6 E71 All SAC All
X6 F16 All SAC All
X6 F86 All SAC All
Z3 E36 All Roadster All
Z4 E85 All Roadster All
Z4 E86 All Coupe All
Z4 E89 All Roadster All