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BMW Sprocket Oil Pump E12 E28 E34 M5 3.0CS E24 3.0L E23 M30 11411273689

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Product Details

Sprocket for oil pump with drive.

Made in Germany.

Part Number(s)




Part Use

 Series Model Body Year(s)
5' E12 525 Sedan All
5' E12 528 Sedan All
5' E12 528i Sedan All
5' E12 535i Sedan All
5' E28 525i Sedan 09/82-06/86
5' E28 528i Sedan 09/82-06/86
5' E28 535i Sedan 09/82-06/86
5' E28 M5 Sedan 09/82-06/86
5' E28 M535i Sedan 09/82-06/86
5' E34 M5 3.6 Sedan All
5' E34 M5 3.8 Sedan All
2.5CS-3.0CSL 3.0CS Coupe All
2.5CS-3.0CSL 3.0CSL Coupe All
2.5CS-3.0CSL 3.0CSi Coupe All
6' E24 628CSi Coupe All
6' E24 633CSi Coupe All
6' E24 635CSi Coupe All
6' E24 M635CSi Coupe to 06/86
2500-3.3Li 2500 Sedan All
2500-3.3Li 2800 Sedan All
2500-3.3Li 3.0L Sedan All
2500-3.3Li 3.0S Sedan All
2500-3.3Li 3.0Si Sedan All
2500-3.3Li 3.3L Sedan All
2500-3.3Li 3.3Li Sedan All
7' E23 730 Sedan All
7' E23 735i Sedan All