BMW Sprocket Engine Crank 1502 2002 E21 E12 1500 2000CS M10 M20 11211260571

by BMW
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Product Details

Sprocket for drive belt pulley mounted to the crank shaft.

Made in Germany.

Part Number(s)



Genuine BMW

Part Use

 Series Model Body Year(s)
1502-2002tii 1502 Sedan All
1502-2002tii 1600 Sedan All
1502-2002tii 1600ti Sedan All
1502-2002tii 1602 Sedan All
1502-2002tii 1802 Sedan All
1502-2002tii 2002 Convertible All
1502-2002tii 2002ti Sedan All
1502-2002tii 2002tii Sedan All
1502-2002tii 2002turbo Sedan All
3' E21 316 Sedan To 11/78
3' E21 318 Sedan To 11/78
3' E21 320 M10 Sedan To 11/78
3' E21 320i Sedan To 11/78
1500-2000CS 1500 Sedan All
1500-2000CS 1600 Sedan All
1500-2000CS 1800 Sedan All
1500-2000CS 2000 Sedan All
1500-2000CS 2000C Sedan All
1500-2000CS 2000CS Sedan All
1500-2000CS 2000ti Sedan All
1500-2000CS 2000tii Sedan All
5' E12 520 M10 Sedan All
5' E12 520i M10 Sedan All
5' E12 520i M20 Sedan All

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