BMW Oil Filter E36 Z3 M43 M44 - Hengst 11421716192

by Hengst
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Product Details

Engine oil filter set. 

Includes O-ring and washer.

We can also sell you the original specification Castrol engine oil by the litre.

From 09/95 with plastic oil filter cover. 

A 62 mm
B 23 mm
C 23 mm
H 104 mm

Part Number(s)

11421716192 11421432097  



Parts Use

 Series Model Body Year(s)
3' E36 316i 1.6 Compact All
3' E36 316i 1.9 Compact All
3' E36 318i M43 Sedan All
3' E36 318is M44 Coupe All
3' E36 318is M44 Sedan All
3' E36 318ti M44 Compact All
3' E46 318i M43 Sedan All
Z3 E36 Z3 1.9 M43 Roadster All
Z3 E36 Z3 1.9 M44 Roadster All

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