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BMW Exhaust Manifold Diesel E46 E60 E65 X3 X5 M57N 11627788422

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Original price $550.00
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Current price $407.50

Product Details

It is common for the stainless steel exhaust manifold to crack causing exhaust gases to leak.
The stainless-steel exhaust manifolds fitted to many BMW vehicles frequently fail, with some vehicles having 2 or 3 replaced so far. These manifolds are not suited to the conditions of the fitment and through expansion and contraction with heating /cooling eventually fail. Developing cracks or slits in the manifold causing exhaust gas leaks and the symptoms noted. These stainless-steel manifolds are simply not up to the job, BMW still offer these as replacements at a vast expense, fitting another stainless-steel manifold it would just fail again.
Install our improved design manifold for a fraction of the price of the OEM part which would just fail again.
Install this high quality cast iron manifold and cure leaks for good. This manifold is superior in design to the BMW part, cast from tough Ductile Iron this manifold is the perfect material for the environment in which it is fitted and is suited to the wide temperature range and expansion / contraction. Cast from solid iron with no welds or thin walls to fail. This part has exactly the same gas flow as the OEM part, including the divider in the turbo slot so will in no way effect vehicle performance. This manifold has machined flange faces for a perfect fit. Supplied with the manifold is a complete fitting kit including required bolts, studs and nuts.

Part Number(s)


Part Use

Series Model Body Year(s)
3' E46 330Cd Convertible
3' E46 330Cd Coupe All
3' E46 330d M57N Sedan All
3' E46 330d M57N Touring All
5' E60 525d Sedan All
5' E60 530d M57N Sedan All
5' E61 525d Touring All
5' E61 530d M57N Touring All
7' E65 730d M57N Sedan All
X5 E53 3.0d M57N SAV All