BMW Intake Valley Pan With Seal M60 M62

by URO Parts
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Product Details

Short Description: Hi performance version w/revised FPM/FKM gasket applied - DO NOT USE ASBESTOS GASKET (PART# 11 14 1 736 175) WITH URO DESIGNED VALLEY PAN

Valley cover gasket including cover (gasket not available separate)

Very common to leak coolant through the o'ring that seals it to the engine block, and the leak is mostly visible with the engine coolant dripping from the bell housing on the gearbox.

This is not an easy task to replace, as the whole inlet manifold needs to be removed to gain access, so please check for all the other gaskets and seals required to carry out required works.

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Part Number(s)

 11141742042 11141736105


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Part Use

 Series Model Body Year(s)
5' E34 530i Sedan All
5' E34 540i  Sedan All
5' E39 535i Sedan All
5' E39 540i Sedan All
7' E32 730i M60 Sedan All
7' E32 730iL M60 Sedan All
7' E32 740i Sedan All
7' E32 740iL Sedan All
7' E38 730i Sedan All
7' E38 730iL Sedan All
7' E38 735i Sedan All
7' E38 735iL Sedan All
7' E38 740i M60 Sedan All
7' E38 740i M62 Sedan All
7' E38 740iL M60 Sedan All
7' E38 740iL M62 Sedan All
8' E31 840Ci Coupe All
8' E31 840i Coupe All
X5 E53 X5 4.4i M62 SAV All
X5 E53 X5 4.6is SAV All

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