BMW Camshaft Seal M40 M20

by topran
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Camshaft seals need to be replaced when leaking oil or as a precautionary measure when changing the cam belt. All six cylinder engines also have an o'ring behind this seal and we would recommend replacing it at the same time.

On all models the cam belt needs to be removed to gain access to this seal, so we would recommend changing the cam belt at the same time. A much cheaper and faster option if you change them together.

Size: 38 X 50 X 7

Made in Germany. 

Part Number(s)

11121284154 11121285609  11121265435



Part Use

 Series Model Body Year(s)
3' E21 320 M20
Sedan All
3' E21 323i Sedan All
3' E30 318i M40 All All
3' E30 320i All All
3' E30 323i All All
3' E30 325e All All
3' E30 325i All All
3' E36 318i M40 Sedan All
5' E12 520 M20 Sedan All
5' E28 520i Sedan All
5' E28 525e Sedan All
5' E34 520i M20 Sedan All
5' E34 525i M20 Sedan All

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