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BMW Blower Resistor E46 E39 X3 E83 X5 E53 64116923204

by topran
Original price $165.00
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Original price $165.00
Current price $102.50
$102.50 - $102.50
Current price $102.50

Product Details

Blower resistor/fan resistor.

For vehicles with digital climate control.

These generally fail in the lower speeds only, and the high speed still works as it is a safety feature for the windscreen demister button to operate. 

Can be tricky to get out. We recommend a young flexible person who can bend over backwards to do the job.

Part Number(s)

64116923204 64116920365 64116929486
64118385549 64118364173 64118383835



Part Use

Series Model Body Year(s)
3' E46 316ti Compact All
3' E46 318Ci Coupe All
3' E46 318Ci Convertible All
3' E46 318i Sedan All
3' E46 318i Touring All
3' E46 318ti Compact All
3' E46 320Ci Convertible All
3' E46 320Ci Coupe All
3' E46 320i Sedan All
3' E46 320i Touring All
3' E46 323Ci Convertible All
3' E46 323Ci Coupe All
3' E46 323i Sedan All
3' E46 325Ci Convertible All
3' E46 325Ci Coupe All
3' E46 325i Sedan All
3' E46 325i Touring All
3' E46 325ti Compact All
3' E46 328Ci Coupe All
3' E46 328i Sedan All
3' E46 328i Touring All
3' E46 330Ci Convertible All
3' E46 330Ci Coupe All
3' E46 330i Sedan All
3' E46 330i Touring All
3' E46 M3 Convertible All
3' E46 M3 Coupe All
5' E39 520i Sedan All
5' E39 520i Touring All
5' E39 523I Sedan All
5' E39 523i Touring All
5' E39 525i Sedan All
5' E39 525i Touring All
5' E39 528i Sedan All
5' E39 528i Touring All
5' E39 530i Sedan All
5' E39 530i Touring All
5' E39 535i Sedan All
5' E39 540i Sedan All
5' E39 540i Touring All
5' E39 M5 Sedan All
X3 E83 2.0d SAV All
X3 E83 2.0i SAV All
X3 E83 2.5i SAV All
X3 E83 3.0d SAV All
X3 E83 3.0i SAV All
X3 E83 LCI 2.0d SAV All
X3 E83 LCI 2.0i SAV All
X3 E83 LCI 2.5si SAV All
X3 E83 LCI 3.0d SAV  All
X3 E83 LCI 3.0sd SAV All
X3 E83 LCI 3.0si SAV All
X5 E53 3.0d SAV All
X5 E53 3.0i SAV All
X5 E53 4.4i SAV All
X5 E53 4.6is SAV All
X5 E53 4.8is SAV All