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BMW Adjusting Pulley E36 E46 E90 E92 E34 E39 E60 X3 X5 Z3 11281748131

by bbr
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Product Details

Adjusting pulley for engine and climate compressor drive belts.

Be careful to buy the correct one. Note this one has the central mounting hole (not offset).

The deflection pulleys and the drive belt pulleys play a very important role as they keep the engine drive belt aligned.

If they become loose or noisy they should be replaced ASAP because if they fail, the drive belt will come off the water pump and alternator, causing further damage to the engine that may be expensive to repair.

NOTE: This pulley will not fit all mechanical tensioners. 

Fitting position: Mounted on the belt tensioner and above the belt tensioner on M44 engines. 

Part Number(s)

11281748131 11281726343



Part Use

Series Model Body Year(s)
3' E36 316i 1.6 Compact to 09/95
3' E36 318i M43 Sedan to 09/95
3' E36 318is M42 Coupe from 09/93
3' E36 318is M44 Coupe All
3' E36 318is M44 Sedan All
3' E36 318ti M44 Compact All
3' E36 320i M50 Sedan All
3' E36 323i Sedan All
3' E36 325i
3' E36 325i  Coupe All
3' E36 325i Convertible All
3' E36 328i Sedan All
3' E36 328i Coupe All
3' E36 328i Convertible All
3' E36 M3 Coupe All
3' E36 M3 Convertible All
3' E36 M3 3.2 Coupe All
3' E36 M3 3.2  Convertible All
3' E46 320Ci M54 Coupe All
3' E46 320i M54 Sedan All
3' E46 320i M54 Touring All
3' E46 323Ci Coupe All
3' E46 323i Sedan All
3' E46 325Ci Convertible All
3' E46 325Ci Coupe All
3' E46 325i Sedan All
3' E46 325ti Compact All
3' E46 328Ci  Convertible All
3' E46 328Ci Coupe All
3' E46 328i Sedan All
3' E46 330Ci Convertible All
3' E46 330Ci Coupe All
3' E46 330i Sedan All
3' E46 M3 Convertible All
3' E46 M3 Coupe All
3' E46 M3 CSL Coupe All
3' E90 M3 Sedan All
3' E92 M3 Coupe All
3' E93 M3 Convertible All
5' E34 520i M50 Sedan All
5' E34 525i Touring All
5' E34 525i M50 Sedan All
5' E39  523i Sedan All
5' E39 525i Sedan All
5' E39 528i Sedan All
5' E39 528i Touring All
5' E39 530i Sedan All
5' E39 530i Touring All
5' E60 525i M54 Sedan All
5' E60 530i M54 Sedan All
X3 E83 2.5i SAV All
X3 E83 3.0i SAV All
X5 E53 3.0i SAV All
Z3 E36 1.9 M44 Roadster All
Z3 E36 2.0 Roadster All
Z3 E36 2.2i Roadster All
Z3 E36 2.8 Roadster All
Z3 E36 3.0i Roadster All
Z3 E36 M3.2 S50 Roadster All
Z3 E36 M3.2 S54 Roadster All
Z4 E86 M3.2 Coupe All