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S3053 R21 Bike R1150 GS 2-ZYL 2000/07

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Stock number S3053

Vehicle arrived 11/07/2023

Now dismantling for spare parts, this BMW R21. Classed as a repairable write off due to stolen and recovered. Missing key.

Travelled - 139,759 kms

Please feel free to contact us for any parts you may require?

Vehicle Identification No. WB10415A2YZE14934
Model Designation R21 (R 1150 GS)
Date of production
Upholstery NICHT GEMELDET (0000)
Type code 0415
Model R1150GS
Series R R21
Body Without
Doors 0
Displacement 1.10
Power 62

X304A Type label, Australia
X321A Headlight left asymetric
X323A Permanent light
X334A Label, noise emission Australia
X381A Operating instructions, English
X391A Dealer List Overseas
X519A Heated handlebar grips
X524A Anti block system (ABS)
X535A Additional instruments
X681A Case holder left/right
Y734A National version Australia
X754A Adjustable seat bench, black