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BMW E24 JPS Race Car - Peninsula BM Racing

Preparation For The JPS's 4th Run at Tailem Bend, South Australia

     A lot of work has been done to prepare for the fourth run at Tailem Bend, South Australia. A brand new International track. This is the first race meet for the 2018 season.

The main high pressure fuel pump and the injectors have been sent away to a specialist in Sydney and faults were found in both units.

BMW E24 JPS High Pressure Fuel Pump

We have installed a new air filter gauze to stop the stones getting sucked into the engine.

BMW E24 JPS Air FilterBMW E24 JPS Air Filter

We have reinstalled the original pumps and coolers to the gearbox and diff (the last time they were on the car was for Bathurst 1982). The original race Getrag super close ratio gearbox was also re-installed. 

BMW E24 JPS Diff CoolerBMW E24 JPS Diff CoolerBMW E24 JPS Diff Cooler

     We then attempted a chassis dyno run to set the fuel mixtures and to confirm the coolers are working correctly as the cooler pump drives off the diff it needs to be driven to pump the oil.

On our 17th run on the dyno the gearbox seized!!!

After removing the box and diagnosing what happened, it turned out the reverse gear seized onto the main shaft due to lack of oil. The car sits on the dyno on such a downhill angle that the reverse gear was not in the oil and it didn’t like NO OIL (lesson learnt)!!!

BMW E24 JPS GearboxBMW E24 JPS GearboxBMW E24 JPS GearboxBMW E24 JPS Gearbox

     We have now installed the temporary standard road "dogleg" gearbox and unfortunately because we never finished the dyno run session we still don’t know exactly where the fuel mixtures are at, nor do we know if the air filter gauze will affect the final horsepower output.

It will be another trial to settle the car down again.

Let's hope we have a successful weekend and bring it home straight and undamaged.

BMW E24 JPS Race Car - Peninsula BM Racing

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