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Lights On For The JPS At Sydney Master Blast 2019

Lights On For The JPS At Sydney Master Blast 2019

After a long 10 hour drive from Mornington to Sydney Motorsport park we were finally ready to see the JPS back on the track for the fathers day weekend 

It was a bigger than normal historic race meeting because we had the added two night races which was different. This was an absolute hoot to race in the dark conditions with the headlights lighting the way.

In preparation we had to do some wiring for the taillights so we would have some night running lights and replaced a headlight globe.

The car performed faultlessly all weekend on the same tyres we ran for Phillip island. We think we are getting close to having it fully sorted and ready to see if we can get some good times out of it in the next few race meetings.

We started our qualifying times at 14th out of 35 cars entered (Group A & C) and after Saturdays racing ended up 11th out of 26 starters, our friends started dropping out due to mechanical issues.

Sunday saw a very casual start as our first race was not till 12:30 but we didn't mind as it was good to have some warmth, with the sun coming through the clouds. We started 12th out of 30 starters and the last race we started 7th out of 23 starters.

Brilliant result as we took home a trophy for 2nd group C outright and second in the 3.0 liter and over category.

The newly repaired gearbox is finally sorted, thanks to Ken Zinner who had to rebuild it after the first so called “expert” failed. The fuel injection was now perfect at 12.7 AFR so it felt good driving a car that was reliable and fast.

Thank you to all the people who dropped in and said hello, it’s really nice to finally put a face to the name of our customers.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

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Angel - March 23, 2020

Tengo un bmw 635 de sauwerman del any 1982 el coche que tiene es espectacular de jps

GRAHAM NICHOLS - February 3, 2020

I am in love again///////////////////please come to the bush ie Qld raceway and MORGAN PARK

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