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The return of an iconic factory BMW back to Australian race tracks.

The return of an iconic factory BMW back to Australian race tracks.

We at Peninsula BM have been involved in the return of this iconic factory BMW back to Australian race tracks under historic fifth category Group C, and we are getting very close now.

It's debut race will be at the Sydney retro fest in two weeks and we are hoping that it will bring back some fantastic memories of when the JPS BMW's ruled the Australian Motorsport scene and the sound should be exactly as it was in the day.
It was originally built by Werginz Motorsport in Austria in 1980 and it was one of three cars built to produce the initial group 2 homologation documents for BMW.
BMW Germany sold it to Karl Hurler (first images below yet to be confirmed) who only raced it briefly in 1980 and it was quickly sold to Frank Gardner to bring back to Australia for Allan Grice to race.

This car finished its factory JPS days after hitting the cutting at Bathurst in 1982. From there it went to Micheal McMicheal in Adelaide and he raced it for a couple of years including taking it to Malaysia. After that it ended up in a privateers hands and stored for a few years, until we got hold of it. We sent it to the Bathurst museum who looked after it very well until we were ready to take it on. 

And now the historic life of this car has been very well preserved because it did have quite a short race life and has been largely untouched since.
If you're around Eastern Creek Motorsport park for the Queen's Birthday long weekend, drop in and have a look. We are very proud to be involved and will be more than happy to show you and talk about the car.

Stay tuned for more news!

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GARY MILLER - February 3, 2020

Hi guys I have been a customer of yours for years and it is good to see this beauty back in force has it got the original screamer of an engine in it if so wow I would love to se it Race again when is it coming to Victoria to race I will definitely be there to see it. Thanks guys for doing this resto

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