How to Buy Used BMW Parts With Confidence?

What makes us different from many other automotive recyclers? We test all our used parts! Shop used parts here!

When a vehicle arrives for wrecking we don't just sell the parts as they are not knowing if they work or not. At Peninsula BM nearly every car goes through a very detailed testing procedure.

When buying used BMW parts its not good enough to know if the part came from a car that was "running". Many cars arrive "running" but after testing the engines they are found to be faulty, head gaskets/cracked cylinder heads being the main culprit! Imaging installing an engine to find it has blown head gasket! Unfortunately without proper testing you could find yourself in this position.

On top of testing, each beemer has a secondary inspection before any parts are made available for sale. Doors, guards, bonnets are checked for dents, bumpers and interior parts checked for wear and tear and the list goes on! 

Below is a test sheet that outlines what we check in the testing procedure. 

Peninsula BM Test Sheet BMW Wreckers

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