BMW Blower Resistor E34 E32 64118391699 64111468524

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Blower resistor/fan resistor.

These generally fail in the lower speeds only, and the high speed still works as it is a safety feature for the windscreen demister button to operate. 

Can be tricky to get out. We recommend a young flexible person who can bend over backwards to do the job!!! 

*NOTE* This blower resistor only applies to Behr, if your vehicle is fitted with a Siemens this resistor will not work.

Part Number(s)

64118391699 64111468524 64111468523
64118390159 64118351139


Part Use

 Series Model Body Year(s)
5' E34 All Sedan All
5' E34 All Touring All
7' E32 730i M30 Sedan All
7' E32 730i M60 Sedan All
7' E32 730iL M30 Sedan All
7' E32 730iL M60 Sedan All
7' E32 735i Sedan All
7' E32 735iL Sedan All
7' E32 740i Sedan All
7' E32 740iL Sedan All

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